Events this weekend: Updates

Dear Futurists,

1.) Anticipating 2040: A roadmap to sustainable abundance?

Birkbeck, the venue for the London Futurists events this Saturday and Sunday, tell me they have upgraded their wifi infrastructure. It should now be easier for event attendees to connect via wifi from the conference rooms.

For attendees on Saturday’s event, “Anticipating 2040: A roadmap to sustainable abundance?” please use the following:

Wireless network: BBK-Guest
Username: delta3
Password: 6r9RrW

That information is also available on the Venue page of the Anticipating 2040 website.

That page also now contains a map,, of some restaurants and coffee shops that are within around 10 minutes walk from the conference venue – these should provide everyone with a good choice of lunch locations.

2.) Transhumanist Party Day

There’s been a slight change to the speaker lineup for Sunday’s event, “Transhumanist Party Day (including AGM)”. The section with speakers from outside the Transhumanist Party is now as follows (this part of the event starts at 1.30pm):

Guest panel  discussion on “Communicating transhumanism”

This panel will be chaired by Luke Robert Mason, Advisor to Humanity+, CEO & Founder of The New Bionics and Director of the Virtual Futures Conference

The guest speakers on this panel will be:

The wifi codes for this event are:

Wireless network: BBK-Guest
Username: Humanity+UK
Password: MyEpLR

Note: to attend this Party Day event, don’t forget to pick the right ticket type from the EventBrite page for the event. That will speed up check-in. (A number of you have selected “Transhumanist Party member” without actually being a member… yet.)

3.) TETCtoberfest

TECHtoberfest runs from 4pm onwards on Friday (tomorrow) 2nd October. It’s run by HHH – Hipsters, Hackers, and Hustlers.

TECHtoberfest  isn’t a London Futurists event but it may interest many of our members. (And I’ll be one of the guest speakers: my topic is “The surprising future of technology: radical disruptions ahead”. I’m scheduled to be talking at 8pm.)

Here’s an extract from the event website,

TECHtoberfest combines the best in traditional German Oktoberfest roots with the next generation of startups and the future of tech…

London Fields Brewery, 365-366 Warburton Street, Hackney, London, E8 3RR

Plug in the promo code LONDONFUTURISTS for a 30% discount on the ticket prices.

// David W. Wood
Chair, London Futurists

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