13. Governance

What regulations and incentives could, and should, society collectively apply to steer the development of technology and its consequences? Awareness of the possible mechanisms of governance is vitally important.

Resources providing an overall introduction to governance:

“The future of tech as a regulated industry”: 17 minute presentation by Benedict Evans at Wired Live in November 2020

(More pending)

13.1 Regulating technologies

13.2 Incentivising technologies

13.3 Evidence-based policy vs. ideology-based policy

13.4 Socialism and its issues

13.5 Egalitarianism and its issues

“Power, Equality of Outcome & Egalitarianism” by Kate Wand for AIER

13.6 Meritocracy and its issues

13.7 Minimal governance

13.8 Lean governance

13.9 Self-regulating technologies

13.10 Trustable monitoring

13.11 The narrow corridor

13.12 Redistribution

13.13 Social safety nets and social contracts

13.14 UBI and FALC

“The Case for Basic Income” by Geoff Crocker
“Utopia for Realists – The Case for a Universal Basic Income” by Rutger Bregman
“UBI – The questions that deserve the most attention” by David Wood at UBIA2018
“UBI: What have we learned” by David Wood at UBIA2018

13.15 Centralisation vs. decentralisation

13.16 Industrial strategy

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