Updates to the Anticipating 2040 event agenda

Dear Futurists,

1.) Speaker schedule

The speaker schedule for Anticipating 2040, happening next Saturday, 3rd October, is now confirmed. From http://anticipating2040.com/:

  • 09.15: Registration, refreshments, and networking
  • 09.40: Dean Bubley (Founder, Disruptive Analysis): “Co-chair’s opening remarks”
  • 09:45: Rohit Talwar (CEO of Fast Future) – “Beyond comprehension: Navigating the far horizon”
  • 10:15: Waldemar Ingdahl (director and founder of the Swedish policy think tank Eudoxa) -“The force of the many: The future of Blockchain, 3D-printing and other decentralized technologies”
  • 10.45: Karen Moloney (Director, Moloney Minds) – “The future of men and women”
  • 11.15: Break for networking and refreshments
  • 11.45: Calum Chace (ex business leader, author of Pandora’s Brain) – “Surviving AI, 2015-2040”
  • 12:15: Diana S. Fleischman (Senior Lecturer at The University of Portsmouth) – “The future of food – a roadmap to in-vitro meat”
  • 12.45: Lunch break
  • 14.00: Stephen Minger (ex Chief Scientist at GE Healthcare Life Science) – “Stem cell therapies 2015-2040”
  • 14:30: Naomi Nickerson (Imperial College, London) – “The future of quantum computing”
  • 15:00: Steve Fuller (Auguste Comte Professor in social epistemology in Warwick University’s Department of Sociology, author of Humanity 2.0) – “What will social justice look like in 2040?”
  • 15.30: Break for networking and refreshments
  • 16.00: Stefano Vaj (Professor of New Technologies Law at Padua University, National Secretary of theAssociation of Italian Transhumanists) – “The future of smart regulation of accelerating technology”
  • 16:30: Amon Twyman (Leader, Transhumanist Party, UK) – “Sustainable abundance as political program”
  • 17:00: David Wood (Executive Director, Transpolitica) – “Critical milestones on the path to sustainable abundance”
  • 17.30: End of day.

See http://anticipating2040.com/speakers/ for more details of the speakers.

2.) Anticipating 2040 networking and refreshments

The registration desk for the event will be just outside the lecture room B34 where the presentations are taking part. B34 is on the basement level of the main building of Birkbeck College.

Attendees will collect their namebadges at registration.

Light refreshments (tea, coffee, water, and biscuits) will be served in a different room, B04. This is also on the basement level, but is a short walk (1 minute) from B34.

As listed in the schedule above, refreshments will be available three times throughout the day, during networking breaks.

Note that lunch is not provided. However, there are a large number of restaurants in the vicinity, within 10 minutes walk, that will cater to all tastes and all pockets.

If you notice anyone who seems a bit lost, be friendly!

3.) Roles for volunteers on the day

There are a small number of volunteer roles available at the event. These are suited to people who have previously volunteered at London Futurists events, or to people who wish to attend the conference free of charge. These roles include:

  • Helping with filming and with microphones
  • Spending some time during the day at the check-in desk.

Please get in touch if you are interested in helping the event in any of these ways.

4.) Social networking

The Twitter hashtag for the event is #Anticipating2040.

Please consider sharing the following video on your social networks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3N0lM1xTQA.


// David W. Wood
Chair, London Futurists

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