Forthcoming meetings

For more information, see the London Futurists meetup site.

Better Politics Via Progressive Technology & Digital Transformation? – Tues 23rd May

  • Webinar, organised by GlobalNet21
  • Speaker David Wood

A serious assessment of the Technological Singularity – Wed 14th June

  • Part of TechXLR8
  • Speaker David Wood

5G World Futurist Summit – Thu 15th June

  • Part of TechXLR8
  • 11 speakers and panellists

The future of AI and sustainability – Sat 1st July

  • Speaker Alex Housley

Democracy In The Digital Age – House of Commons Meeting – Tues 29th Aug (date to-be-confirmed)

  • Speakers include Tom Brake MP and Prof Andy Miah

Agenda for the Future – Sat 2nd Sept

  • Whole day meeting
  • Speakers include Rohit Talwar, Derek Bates, Vicky Price, Tom Levitt, Michael Mainelli, Tim Pendry, Alvin Carpio, Indra Adnan, Pat Kane, Dean Bubley
  • More details about the speakers

More meetings will be announced shortly!

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