Forthcoming meetings

For more information, see the London Futurists meetup site.

Biostasis Symposium UK – Sat 20th May

  • Organised by Tomorrow Bio
  • Speakers include Max More, Aschwin de Wolf, Emil Kendziorra, Garret Smyth, Tim Gibson, and João Pedro de Magalhães

Assessing AI Risk Skepticism – Sat 27th May

  • Speakers Vemir Ambartsoumean, Roman Yampolskiy, and Mariana Todorova

More meetings will be announced shortly!

4 Responses to Forthcoming meetings

  1. Oğuz Korkut says:

    Hi. I am Oğuz Korkut, from Bursa/İnegöl, the state of the Turkish Republic. I am a Philosophy teacher. I have works, datas about futurism. I want to both present them to you and send them for your consideration. Shall I send it here ? By e-mail? Or is another institution interested ? Thanks.

  2. David Wood says:

    Hi Oğuz – You can reach me at davidw AT deltawisdom DOT com

  3. Ed says:


    Are there any plans to have any in-person meetings in London within the next year?


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