This page contains videos from the series “The most important scenarios for the 2020s and beyond”

Episode 8: Cosmism and the future of religion
Featuring Giulio Prisco
Published 4th March 2020

Episode 7: With liberty and dividends for all
Featuring Peter Barnes
Published 18th February 2020

Episode 6: Prospects for increased healthspan – with “The Switch”
Featuring James Clement of Betterhumans
Published 13th January 2020

Episode 5: The future of education: 42 and beyond
Featuring David Giron of Codam
Published 27th November 2019

Episode 4: Anticipating automation and utopia
Featuring John Danaher
Published 26th November 2019

Episode 3: The future of transformative technology
Featuring Nichol Bradford
Published 14th September 2019

Episode 2: The future of improving human performance
Featuring Nick Powell
Published 21st August 2019

Episode 1: The future of rural communities
Featuring Julian Snape
Published 10th August 2019