21. The environment

Another significant determinant of human flourishing is the environment in which we exist. How might the environment change over the next few years?

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Resources providing an overall introduction to the environment:

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21.1 Our cosmic context

“The six epochs of evolution” – 97 second video by Jason Silva, illustrating ideas from Ray Kurzweil.
“After billions of years of monotony, the universe is waking up” – TED talk by David Deutsch, 2019

21.2 Environmental independence and interdependence

21.3 Planetary boundaries

21.4 The co-evolution of life and mind

21.5 Options for re-wilding

21.6 Options for de-extinction

21.7 Options for paradise engineering

21.8 Options for exploring the wider universe

21.89 Alien life and the Fermi paradox

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