19. Transhumanism

Transhumanism is a worldview that is particularly suited to the 2020s, yet it remains poorly understood. It’s time to make amends.

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Resources providing an overall introduction to transhumanism:

For a thorough account of the history (and prehistory) of transhumanism, see A History of Transhumanism by Elise Bohan, PhD thesis, Macquarie University, 2018.

For general information about all aspects of transhumanism, see the online wiki H+Pedia.

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19.1 Components of transhumanism

19.2 Varieties of transhumanism

19.3 The values of active transhumanism

19.4 The transhumanist shadow

19.5 Criticisms of transhumanism

19.6 Transhumanist culture

19.7 Anticipating the growth of transhumanism

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