20. Culture

A significant determinant of human flourishing is the culture around us. How might culture change over the next few years?

Resources providing an overall introduction to culture:

“The Cultural Iceberg” by Intercultural English
“How Culture Drives Behaviours” by Julien S. Bourrelle
  • (Other items pending)

20.1 Societies with increasingly diverse subcultures

“Queering Public Space” by Arup

20.2 Limits to tolerant coexistence

John Locke’s argument for religious tolerance – from the Fraser Institute

20.3 Coexistence with AIs and robots

“Coexistence of Humans & AI” by Isaac Arthur

20.4 Coexistence with animals with uplifted capabilities

“Uplift – Should We Give Animals Sentience” by Billy Goat Ideas
“Uplifting Animal & Aliens, Part 1” by Isaac Arthur and John Michael Godier

20.5 Options for the future of work

“A world without work: technology, automation and how we should respond” with Daniel Susskind, at the Oxford Martin School

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