12. Economics

Access to money and other scarce resources will remain critical for the accomplishment of many important tasks. A good understanding of economics – past, present, and future – is essential in order to avoid major mistakes with the management of resources.

Resources providing an overall introduction to economics:

“How the Economic Machine Works” by Ray Dalio
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12.1 The positive accomplishments of free markets

Animated version of Leonard E. Read’s essay “I, Pencil”, by EconClips

12.2 The failure modes of free markets

“Market Failures, Taxes, and Subsidies”: Jacob Clifford and Adriene Hill for Crash Course Economics
“Market Failures: Externalities” by Jonathan Gruber for MIT
Cartels and planned obsolescence, by Derek Muller for Veritasium

12.3 The tragedy of the commons

“The Tragedy of the Commons: How to Avoid it” by EconClips

12.4 The mixed model

12.5 The role of business

12.6 The roles of money and banking

“Banking Explained – Money and Credit” by Kurzgesagt

12.7 Cryptocurrencies

Positive assessments of cryptocurrencies:

“What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin explained simply” by 99Bitcoins

Sceptical assessments of cryptocurrencies:

“Why Bitcoin is a Scam” by Doug Henwood for the Gravel Institute

12.8 Tokenomics

“What is Tokenomics” by Amarpreet Singh

12.9 Protecting property

12.10 Crime and punishment

12.11 The circular economy

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