22. Landmines

What are the biggest risks (“landmines”) to the wellbeing of humanity over the next two decades? And how might these risks be addressed?

Resources providing an overall introduction to landmines:

Video specially created for The Vital Syllabus by David Wood
“The Map of Doom: Apocalypses Ranked” by Domain of Science

Resources providing an overall introduction to the solutions to landmines:

“Optimism” by David Deutsch at the RSA
“Ways to change the world: ‘Humankind’” – with Rutger Bregman on UK’s Channel 4

22.1 The left behinds

22.2 WMD proliferation

22.3 Biotech hazards

“Risks and Benefits of Gain-of-Function Experiments in Potentially Pandemic Pathogens” at CSER 2015

22.4 Infotech hazards

22.5 Financial instabilities

22.6 Environmental instabilities

“The innovations we need to avoid a climate disaster” by Bill Gates at TED
“We WILL Fix Climate Change” by Kurzgesagt
“Geoengineering: A Horrible Idea We Might Have to Do” by Kurzgesagt
“Drawdown 101 — An Introduction to the Science of Climate Change Solutions” by Project Drawdown

22.7 Political instabilities

22.8 Cancers within society

22.9 Reason under threat

“Why the world is going crazy – and how to win back our minds” by Jamie Wheal
“Republic of Lies” by Anna Merlan at The Open Mind

22.10 Divided nations

“I’ve studied nuclear war for 35 years — you should be worried” by Brian Toon
“Artificial Intelligence: It will kill us” by Jay Tuck

22.11 Divided aging

22.12 Bubbling under

“These are the asteroids to worry about” by Veritasium
“What Happens If Yellowstone Blows Up Tomorrow” by Real Life Lore
“8 ways the world could suddenly end” by Stephen Petranek

22.13 Existential opportunities

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