7. Emotional health

Emotional health is particularly important in times of stress, when people may perceive themselves or their friends or colleagues as failing to cope, and when our emotions are being targeted by malicious tools and methods.

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7.1 Mindfulness

7.2 Playfulness and recreation

7.3 The benefits of a growth mindset

7.4 The strengths and weaknesses of positive thinking

7.5 Not being slaves to inner anxieties and other “demons”

7.6 Handling fear of failure

7.7 Dealing with underperformance in oneself and others

7.8 Failing forward and failing fast

7.9 Social skills and perceptiveness

7.10 Understanding, supporting, and valuing diversity

7.11 Distinguishing eustress from distress

7.12 Links between emotional health and social circumstances

7.13 Links between emotional health and physical health

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