Royal National Hotel

After London Futurists presentation meetings in Birkbeck College, attendees have the chance to regroup in a nearby bar, to continue discussions informally.

As an experiment, on Saturday 17th February, following the presentation by Stephen Minger, we’ll be trialling a new bar: “The Meeting Place”, inside the South side of Royal National Hotel.

We’ll probably arrive there around 4.20pm-4.30pm.

The address of the Royal National is 38-51 Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0DG.

It’s a five minute walk from Birkbeck to the Royal National:

Big Map From Birkbeck to Royal National

Walk From Birkbeck to Royal National

The Bedford Way street entrance to the hotel looks like this:


(There’s also a street entrance to the hotel from Woburn Place.)

The hotel itself has a North side and a South side. The Meeting Place bar is in the South side (which is also where the hotel check-in lobby is located):


Once inside, look for the entrances to “The Meeting Place BAR”:


I’m told that it should be a relatively quiet place:


There’s a reasonable choice of different kinds of drink and bar snacks:


And for anyone who would like something else to eat or drink, the hotel has several other shops, bars, and restaurants nearby.

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