14. Democracy

Democracy is widely perceived to be failing, or to be inadequate in the face of global threats. What options are there for improving democracy?

Resources providing an overall introduction to democracy:

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14.1 Technocracy and democracy

14.2 The separation of powers

“What is the Separation of Powers” by Civics Academy SA

14.3 Proactive vigilance

14.4 Failure modes of democracy

14.5 Deliberative democracy

“Citizens, Assemble! Deliberative Democracy in 3 Minutes” by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
“How to restore trust in politics” by The Economist
“Democracy When the People Are Thinking” by James Fishkin

14.6 Enhancing democracy with AI

14.7 The role of career politicians

14.8 Beyond party politics

14.9 Toward superdemocracy

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