18. Philosophy

How can we approach questions when science cannot provide answers? The ancient field of philosophy is critically important in the light of profound uncertainty and on account of the collapse in credibility of many traditional sources of value systems.

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18.1 When philosophers were mistaken

18.2 Practical examples of the impact of philosophical decisions

18.3 The potential large impact of transcendent thinking

18.4 Awareness of philosophical biases and fallacies

18.5 Implications of modern science and tech for traditional worldviews

18.6 Strengths and weaknesses of religions

18.7 Strengths and weaknesses of humanism

18.8 Virtue signalling

18.9 Evaluating unborn generations

18.10 Free will

18.11 Approaches to determine ultimate priorities

18.12 Evolving a framework for ethics fit for the 2020s

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