Biomedical discoveries and the ageless generation


The attached audio is a complete recording of the London Futurists event Biomedical Discoveries and the Ageless Generation, with speaker Alex Zhavoronkov.

The audio includes:

  • One hour and 32 minutes of presentation
  • 40 minutes of question and answer.

To download a copy of this audio file, right click on this link.

The slides presented at the event are available here.

Added later: Many thanks to Adam Summerfield for providing the following video of this meeting:


Suggested follow-up viewing (internal):

Suggested follow-up viewing (external):

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1 Response to Biomedical discoveries and the ageless generation

  1. Interview with Alex Zhavoronkov on his new book “The Ageless Generation:How Advances in Biomedicine Will Transform The Global Economy” Highly recommended book!

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