Projects to accelerate radical healthy longevity

This video provides background to a London Futurists exploration of ongoing projects to accelerate healthy longevity:

The exploration started with a meetup, held as a Google “Hangout On Air” and broadcast live on YouTube, in which four panellists shared news and views on:

• Projects they (or their organisations) have recently completed

• Projects they are working on and/or planning to do next

• Any issues that are blocking them from doing more.

The panellists also discussed ways in which a wider community of people can usefully become involved in activities to accelerate radical healthy longevity.

For more details of the panellists, see the page for this event.

You can view the event:

• On Google+, via this page – where you’ll also be able to see the questions submitted in real-time to the panellists

• Via YouTube

Please add your voice to the comments below:

  • Key insights you gained from this discussion
  • Any points where you disagreed with the speakers
  • Potential “FAQ” questions and answers, covering the included topics
  • Open questions which still await good answers, or which remain controversial.

Suggested follow-up viewing (internal):

Suggested follow-up viewing (external):

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