Futurism, Spirituality, and Faith

What approach should technoprogressives take towards movements that promote spirituality, religion, or faith?

Given the persistent power and influence of these movements, should we seek to:

  • Ignore or sidestep these movements?
  • Oppose them – via reason (and perhaps via activism)?
  • Develop a positive dialog / mutual insight?
  • Imitate some of their organisational aspects?
  • Collaborate with them (finding common cause), notwithstanding differences?
  • Merge with them and transform them?

That question featured at the London Futurists event on 21st Sept. Click here for more information about the speakers at that event.

The attached audio is a complete recording of that event:

  • 7 mins of introductory remarks by the chair (the slides for this portion are available here)
  • Approx 20 mins each from the four main speakers at the event
    • Carl Youngblood – video of his slides here
    • Gennaro Giannini – slides available here
    • Imtiaz Salam (no slides used)
    • Giulio Prisco – slides available here
  • 15 minutes of comments and questions from audience members
  • 20 further minutes of responses from panellists (interspersed with additional audience comments)
  • 6 minutes of closing remarks by the chair.

To download a copy of this audio file, right click on this link.

Continuing the discussion:

You can use the Comments section below to raise points to progress this debate:

  1. Key insights you gained from the debate
  2. Any points where you disagreed with speakers
  3. Potential “FAQ” questions and answers, covering the included topics
  4. Open questions which still await good answers, or which remain controversial.


This video was used to provide an introduction to this topic, before the event took place:

Suggested follow-up viewing (external):

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