Call for speakers: “Advice from 2023”

Dear Futurists,

On the afternoon of Thursday 14th June, at London’s ExCeL centre, London Futurists will be hosting a Futurist Summit as part of TechXLR8.

The theme of the Summit will be “Advice from 2023”.

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I’m writing to ask for expressions of interest in speaking at this Summit. Please reply by email (davidw AT deltawisdom DOT com).

Note that each talk will be short – 15 minutes plus 5 mins Q&A chaired by me. Speakers will need to concentrate on communicating their key messages succinctly and memorably.

Here’s how the Summit will be positioned:

TechXLR8 Futurist Summit: Advice from 2023

If your future self, in the year 2023, could send a message for you to consider now, in 2018, what would the content be?

The TechXLR8 Futurist Summit will feature a range of technologists and researchers who will share their best guesses at the advice our future selves might wish to transmit back to us, five years earlier. Which technological trends have the potential to deliver the most surprise? How might society react to these trends? What disruptive changes could take place in the attitudes of consumers, business partners, legislators, and political leaders? Which present-day buzzwords will prove to be the most exaggerated and distracting? Which emerging threats and opportunities deserve the most attention, as we set out on the journey from the present day towards 2023? And how should we prepare for these potential gales of transformation ahead?

At the Futurist Summit you’ll be able to witness a series of TED-style talks, “Advice from 2023”, interspersed with rapid Q&A that draws out the interplay and the contrasts between the different speakers. The speakers will highlight ways in which businesses and organisation in 2023 won’t simply be operating the same way as today (except faster and cheaper), but might feature radically different practices and goals.

The Futurist Summit will run from 12:45 to 16:00 on the main stage of TechXLR8 . It will be hosted by David Wood, Chair of London Futurists.

If you’d like to be considered as one of the speakers, please get in touch.


// David W. Wood
Chair, London Futurists

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