Virtual and Augmented Realities DSMLF event


DSMLF (the Digital and Social Media Leadership Foundation) are holding an event this Wednesday, 28th September, from 8.30am to 12.30pm, on the subject of “Virtual and Augmented Realities”:

By 2023, The World Economic Forum predicts that 10% of reading glasses will be connected to the internet. Vision is set to become the key interface with the worldwide web.

This meeting will explore the many potential ways in which glasses, eyewear/headsets and eye-tracking devices will become more intelligent and lead to eyes and vision being the connection to the internet and connected devices.

This meeting will look at new applications and the different immersive realities they provide. We will look at how information can be fed through visual interfaces and the opportunities for interacting with information.

How can and will we speak, type and move through immersive experiences and what will the implications be for personal and work activities? What impact could augmented and virtual realities have on different industries ranging from the services sector through to manufacturing and healthcare and surgery?  We will also consider the negative impacts of augmented and virtual realities such as mental distractions, addictions and traumatic experiences which they could cause.

DSMLF are kindly providing a small number of complimentary tickets for this event to members of London Futurists. To apply for one of these tickets, please email Naomi Turner of DSMLF, mentioning your connection with London Futurists.

The speakers at this event will include:

There are more details of the event on the DSMLF website.

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