About London Futurists

History of London Futurists

In its present form, London Futurists combines two organisational strands:

  1. A series of events organised by David Wood, mainly at Birkbeck College, on the general themes of transhumanism, dating back to an event held on the 15th of March 2008. These meetings were publicised via the UKH+ group on Facebook
  2. A meetup group “London Futurists” which was created by Richie Arnold on 30th May 2009, and which quickly started to provide additional publicity for the UKH+ events

When the original chair of the meetup group resigned from that post in February 2010, David Wood stepped forwards into that role, recognising the value of meetup.com in reaching potential new attendees at the meetings.

Note: the UKH+ series of meetings was itself a continuation of the Extrobritannia events organised by Fabio Albertario (“estropico”) from 2002 to 2007. Archive messages in the Extrobritannia newsgroup document:

Some of the very oldest Facebook articles about UKH+ seem to be no longer accessible, but here are a couple from early 2008:

The dedicated website LondonFuturists.com was created in 2013.

Multi-speaker London Futurists events that have lasted an entire day, or longer, include:

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