The future of futurism

The attached audio is a complete recording of the London Futurists meetup featuring Amy Zalman on Saturday 16th August 2014, “The future of futurism”:

To download a copy of this audio file, right click on this link.

The recording contains all that was said in the event:

  • Three minutes at the beginning where a couple of audience members gave some of their expectations for the event
  • A brief introduction from the meeting chair
  • Twenty five minutes of prepared remarks from Amy Zalman
  • Then more than an hour of audience Q&A and wider discussion.

The audio recording is far from perfect, but most of what people were saying, even from the back of the room, can be heard if you listen with earphones. There’s some background chatter from time to time, unfortunately. But the file is still a useful memory jog, for a whole set of fascinating points raised as the afternoon unfolded.

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