The energy of nations

The attached audio is a complete record of the London Futurists meetup featuring Jeremy Leggett on Saturday 5th October:

To download a copy of this audio file, right click on this link.

Continuing the discussion:

You can use the Comments section below to raise points to progress this discussion

  1. Key insights you gained from the meeting
  2. Any points where you disagreed with speaker
  3. Potential “FAQ” questions and answers, covering the included topics
  4. Open questions which still await good answers, or which remain controversial.

Some background material:

For a blogpost review of the contents of Jeremy Leggett’s new book, please see Risk blindness and the forthcoming energy crash.

Jeremy Leggett introduces his new book:

A lecture given in Norway in January 2013 (the first 50 seconds are in Norwegian):

A 2011 interview in which Jeremy Leggett speaks about Peak Oil, renewable energy, and the financial crisis:

Jeremy Leggett describes Solarcentury and SolarAid – two companies that he founded:

Finally, see here for a one hour long panel discussion, entitled “Doom or boom: energy security in uncertain times”. This panel discussion was hosted by the Financial Times, and featured Jeremy Leggett, Tony Hayward (ex CEO of BP), and several other leaders from the energy industry.

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