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London Futurists news, 9th July 2016

Dear Futurists, The following items cover events which you’ll probably find interesting. 1.) The Guardian, Utopia, and Transhumanism – Thurs 25th August Guardian Live are holding an event at London’s Somerset House on the evening of Thursday 25th August, with … Continue reading

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Anticipating 2025

This page contains summary information about a conference happening over the weekend of 22-23 March 2014, with the theme “Anticipating 2025”: Paths to 2025: visions, nightmares, roadblocks, and plans Transformations in thinking and lifestyle: health, spirituality, organisations, politics, transhumanism, and … Continue reading

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Transhumanist declarations

The single defining factor of Transhumanism that separates it from all previous philosophies is the proposed use of technology to transcend what it means to be Human. In other words: it is good to use technology, not only to improve … Continue reading

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Technoprogressives and transhumanists

Futurists vary amongst themselves along several different dimensions. The attached video looks at some of the variables, and describes technoprogressives and transhumanists. The video raises the question: Which kind of futurist are you? Note: the ideas in this video should … Continue reading

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