London Futurists chart toppers, 2022

Dear Futurists,

Popularity isn’t always a clear sign of greater importance.

But it can be a useful indicator.

With that in mind, I share in this newsletter which videos, podcast episodes, and Vital Syllabus sections, have proven to be the most popular in 2022.


1.) The top six London Futurists videos of 2022

A total of 24 videos of our events were published in 2022. Here, in reverse order, are the six with the most views:

(bear in mind that videos from more recent events have had less time to accumulate views)

6: The Rise and Implications of AGI – Survey Report, featuring Rohit Talwar

5: Artificial Intelligence And You, featuring Peter Scott

4. Replacing Aging, featuring Jean Hébert

3. Interventions to Trigger ‘Younging’ Mechanisms, featuring Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss

2. How Dangerous is Artificial Superintelligence? featuring Roman Yampolskiy

1. Future Superhuman: Our transhuman lives in a make or break century, featuring Elise Bohan

To review all videos of previous London Futurists events, click here.

2.) The top six London Futurists podcast episodes of 2022

From a start in August, we’ve released 19 episodes so far of the London Futurists podcast. (Another one is ready to go live first thing on Wednesday morning, as per our now usual schedule.)

Here, again in reverse order, are the episodes with the most downloads so far:

(bear in mind that more recent episodes have had less time to accumulate views)

6. Collapsing AGI timelines, with Ross Nordby

5. Pioneering AI drug development, with Alex Zhavoronkov

4. The Singularity Principles (no guest on this occasion; just David & Calum talking)

3. Hacking the Simulation, with Roman Yampolskiy

2. AI Transformers in Context, with Aleksa Gordić

1. Anticipating Longevity Escape Velocity, with Aubrey de Grey

To review all episodes of the podcast, click here!

3.) The most viewed top-level areas of the Vital Syllabus

The Vital Syllabus educational project contains 24 top-level areas. The following diagram shows the 12 areas with the most visits since the site was moved to its new location a few months ago:

The remaining 15.2% of the views are spread through a long tail of the other 12 top-level areas.

For more information about what’s covered by each of the 24 top-level areas, see this page.

See here tor more information about the principles and organisation of the Vital Syllabus project, and how to become more involved.

4.) A better location for conversations

Although London Futurists has much to celebrate from 2022, one area where progress has been disappointing is online conversations that pick up the various themes of our events, podcast episodes, and other projects.

The limitations of the conversational aspects of Meetup have often been remarked. We’ve had various experiments over the years with Slack, but these failed to reach a critical mass, and the functionality provided by the entry level version of Slack has recently been reduced.

Accordingly, I’m encouraging people to join various Discord servers, in order to deepen conversations and relations.

One of these servers has been set up to discuss and support the Vital Syllabus project. Here’s an invitation to join it.

Another option is the Future Surge server, which supports a wider range of activist projects. Here’s an invitation for that server.

Looking forward to better conversations in 2023!

// David W. Wood
Chair, London Futurists

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2 Responses to London Futurists chart toppers, 2022

  1. Graham McNally says:

    Just because we can does not mean that we should.
    When? How? What? Where?. ?
    We may answer all of the above. However, it is only when we can unequivocally answer WHY? that we should introduce change.
    May Humanity prosper & progress in 2023.

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