Update: Transpolitica 2016

Dear Futurists,

Please be aware of a slight change in venue for the Transpolitica 2016 event taking this this Saturday.

We’re now going to be in the Clore Management Centre, which is on the other side of Torrington Square from the main building of Birkbeck College where most of our normal Saturday events are held. The two buildings are within easy eyeshot of each other: they’re only one minute’s walk apart.


The Clore Management Centre (pictured above) is building number 2 on the following map (whereas the main building is building number 1):


The room has been changed to enable better networking during the two periods in which light refreshments are being served:

  • 1pm to 1.30pm (after our break for lunch)
  • 3.15pm to 3.45pm (midway through the afternoon).

The refreshments will be available in the entrance area, outside the room where the presentations will take place (room B01).

We’ll probably be the only people in that building that day, so it will be easy to find us!

Note: This Google Map lists selected restaurants and coffee shops that are within around 10 minutes walk from the conference venue – providing a wide choice of options for lunch.

Options for volunteers

A handful of complimentary (free-of-charge) tickets are available to London Futurists who are willing to undertake some volunteer tasks throughout the day. These roles are suited to students:

  • Helping with check-in at the door (from 9am onwards)
  • Holding up signs in the front row telling speakers how much time they have left
  • Helping speakers with the microphones being used to record the event
  • Helping to film the event.

If interested, please get in touch, asap!

Friday evening pre-event gathering for professional futurists

At 5pm on Friday, the day before Transpolitica 2016, a small number of speakers, overseas visitors, and professional futurists are gathering informally in a pub in the Shoreditch area of London. My thanks go to Nick Price of the London Gathering of the Association of Professional Futurists, for organising this. Let me know if you would like more details.

Looking forward to the legacy of Transpolitica 2016

With so many interesting speakers lined up – any with many thoughtful people attending who are passionate about improving the state of politics – I’m confident the event will generate some tangible, practical suggestions for real-world policy changes to enable a radically better future.

In the wake of Transpolitica 2016, projects can surely be created – or accelerated – which will advance at least some of these policy recommendations. That will be a worthwhile outcome from the day – a memorable legacy.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there!

// David W. Wood
Chair, London Futurists

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