Anticipating 2040 – the event and the book

Dear Futurists,

Anticipating 2040 – the event

The website is now live for the forthcoming London Futurists event “Anticipating 2040: Roadmap to sustainable abundance”:

Website bannerThis event is taking place on Saturday 3rd October. It will feature eleven speakers who will address aspects of a potential roadmap to sustainable abundance by 2040.

The speakers will include:

  • Rohit Talwar (CEO of Fast Future) – “Beyond comprehension: Navigating the far horizon”
  • Stephen Minger (ex Chief Scientist at GE Healthcare Life Science) – “Stem cell therapies 2015-2040″
  • Karen Moloney (Director, Moloney Minds) – “The future of men and women”
  • Calum Chace (ex business leader, author of Pandora’s Brain) – “Surviving AI, 2015-2040″
  • Diana S. Fleischman (Senior Lecturer at The University of Portsmouth) – “The future of food – a roadmap to in-vitro meat”
  • Waldemar Ingdahl (director and founder of the Swedish policy think tank Eudoxa) -“The force of the many: The future of Blockchain, 3D-printing and other decentralized technologies”
  • Steve Fuller (Auguste Comte Professor in social epistemology in Warwick University’s Department of Sociology, author of Humanity 2.0) – “What will social justice look like in 2040?”
  • Amon Twyman (Leader, Transhumanist Party, UK)
  • David Wood (Executive Director, Transpolitica) – “Critical milestones on the path to sustainable abundance”
  • Others to be announced

See for more details of this event.

Attendance will be restricted to 200 attendees. It is expected to be fully booked well ahead of time.

The cost to attend is £35. This includes refreshments in the morning and afternoon, and covers costs of room hire, audiovisual, and conference expenses.

The cost to attend is reduced to £25 for people who register before 1st August.

Please register via the London Futurists meetup page, here.

PS For an indication of the kind of things to expect at this conference, see this archive footage of the Anticipating 2025 event held in March 2014.

Anticipating 2040 – the book

London Futurists will be partnering with Fast Future Publishing to create a book with the same name as the Anticipating 2040 conference.

This book publication project provides an opportunity for two London-based Project Assistants / Interns at Fast Future Publishing.

In more detail:

Fast Future Publishing

Fast Future Publishing is looking for two London based project assistants / interns to work on the forthcoming book Anticipating 2040 – Roadmap to Sustainable Abundance. The roles will last until at least the end of October 2015 and will provide an opportunity to work on a fast-paced project and learn about every aspect of the publishing process. (Fast Future’s first project assistant is now on a scholarship at Singularity University – so you would be following in great footsteps!)

Fast Future is a new specialist futures-focused publishing company bringing exponential thinking to the book development process. Their first book “The Future of Business” was published in epub format on June 11th 2015 and in print on June 23rd. That 566 page book contains 60 chapters created by 62 contributors from 21 countries around the world and was completed in 19 weeks. For comparison, a normal publisher would take 18 months to two years to complete such a project.

The next book will be published in October 2015. Anticipating 2040 – Roadmap to Sustainable Abundance is scheduled to launch at the London Futurists conference of the same name. It will contain 12-15 chapters exploring how we can create sustainable abundance across different aspects of our world such as the environment, energy, health and technology.

The project assistant roles will include author liaison, project administration, editorial support, website maintenance, social media, PR, dealing with designers, printers, fulfilment agencies, and a host of other tasks required to deliver a world class outcome in just 15 weeks.

You will need to be tech-savvy, resourceful, self-starting, imaginative, creative, ridiculously hard working, and willing to do whatever it takes to deliver. In return you will be paid a salary and share in the profits of the book on publication.

If you are interested, please send your CV and a short note explaining why you would like to do this role to Steve Wells – – Head of Operations at Fast Future Publishing.

// David W. Wood
Chair, London Futurists

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