London Futurists welcomes suggestions on other citations to include on this page!

Giulio Prisco – Science writer, technology expert, futurist, cosmist, transhumanist:

London is expensive like hell and the weather is horrible. The subway is too crowded and they don’t let you smoke in pubs. But I would like to live in London just to attend London Futurists every week.

Diogo Neves, Cambridge:

If you care about the future YOU MUST join this group! 🙂

Roland Schiefer – PhD in medicine, technical translator, author of the book “All in the mind”:

Excellent presentations, interesting discussions, stimulating chats in pubs.

Gabriel Dayan – technologist and futurist

If you are a futurist, in other words someone with the vision to extrapolate social and technological trends, this is a great place to network and develop spontaneous think tanks. If you are an investor with a lot of patience, consider this a fishing expedition. It is only a matter of time before someone shares a concept with a viable and powerful business model.

Amon Kalkin – Founder, Zero State and Wave

The group is going from strength to strength. Excellent speakers, venue, attendance, and quality of questions.


Many thanks are due to Uri Gonda of Onomazo for providing the logo, the PowerPoint template, and the design themes, used in the creation of the videos on this website.

The quotation “Civilisation’s path from yesterday to tomorrow passes through London” is by Brian Hall.

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