This page presents a rough roadmap for the Vital Syllabus project.

This page will be revised as plans improve and in the light of actual experience.

Project prehistory

The prehistory of the project involved the writing of the book Vital Foresight from August 2020 to July 2021.

Many of the core ideas behind the Vital Syllabus project were developed while writing that book.

The Vital Syllabus project seeks to put many of these ideas into practice.

Project initiation

The project entered an initiation phase in August 2021.

This included:

  • Setting up the initial architecture for the project, along with a representative set of sample videos
  • Announcing the project’s existence, and calling for expressions of interest
  • Defining some metrics whereby future progress can be measured

Intended output by December 2022

Recommendations will be in place for all 24 areas and c. 200 sub-areas of the Vital Syllabus – pointers to resources that are accessible, clear, engaging, precise, and authoritative.

  • These resources will be a mix of material that already exists somewhere online, and brand new material created to fill gaps.

Measurements will be in place that monitor the usage of the site and its links. Something like the following is envisaged (subject to further analysis):

  • The number of regular active users of the project will reach 100 by December 2022.
  • The project will have at least a dozen mentions in tier one newspapers or TV news channels around the world.

Intended output by December 2023

Some suggestions:

  • The number of regular active users of the project will reach 5000.
  • The project will be officially endorsed by UNESCO and by at least a dozen tier one universities worldwide.