This page highlights potential partnerships for the Vital Syllabus project.

This page will be revised as plans improve and in the light of actual experience.


Vital Syllabus will fulfil part of what was initially foreseen as the mission statement for H+Pedia:

“H+Pedia is a project to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensational information about transhumanism, futurism, radical life extension and other emerging technologies, and their potential collective impact on humanity. H+Pedia is also an opportunity for unique collaborations across the transhumanist community.”

H+Pedia is expected to remain as an important project in its own right. Vital Syllabus pages will contain pointers to resources within H+Pedia, when these resources provide the best coverage of particular topics. Indeed, the Vital Syllabus project could provide an incentive for pages within H+Pedia to be improved and further developed.

Differences between H+Pedia and Vital Syllabus include:

  • H+Pedia accepts all sorts of new material, organised in numerous different ways, whereas Vital Syllabus has a clear, definite architecture
  • The content within Vital Syllabus undergoes a review process before being accepted
  • The ambition of Vital Syllabus is in some ways narrower than H+Pedia: it focuses on skills and principles, rather than on facts that have general interest.

Transhumanist Studies

The Transhumanist Studies initiative shares with Vital Syllabus a desire to provide high-quality educational material that benefits from transhumanist insights. Differences between the projects include:

  • The content of Transhumanist Studies includes large portions of new material specially created for these courses, whereas Vital Syllabus highlights, where possible, links to good material that already exists
  • Vital Syllabus addresses a wider range of topics
  • Vital Syllabus mandates that resources are fully accessible, rather than being behind a paywall.

Other partnerships or potential partnerships

(To be added)